Holiday UK After Lockdown


Holiday UK After Lockdown

Holiday UK After Lockdown – Starting Anew

Want to Holiday UK after Lockdown? Well it’s always a bit scary and when you’re starting anew because  it’s hard to know if you’re making the right decisions.

It’s probably been some time since your last break away, so you want this one to be really good.

Well, this little lion was made for me by a friend and associate, who has opened my mind to possibilities.

Initially driven by fear, I accepted her gift to me with an openness which led me to a calm.

The little lion was wacky, but brave…The analogy was not lost to me as a directive for moving forward.

New Beginnings

You may think that opening Cullercoats Bay Holidays just after the first lockdown was a bit bonkers! Also, because we’re going through this latest set of lifestyle restrictions you might say I’m crazy!

However, as the song says, “Non, Je ne regret rien”.

From the minute I opened, the business was busy, until the guidelines restricted it to this point.

Holiday in the UK – Things are looking up

Confidence is growing now though, following the roll out of the vaccine. I’m taking enquiries for bookings and people are starting to make bookings for later in the year, from July 2021.

With the restrictions on foreign travel, I’m looking forward to opening the doors of my apartments to you all. Moreover, inviting you to enjoy the wonderful sights of the North East Coast, including:

to name a few.

Making Memories

Thinking about my childhood and life, the best memories made were the simple ones. Treasuring day trips to much loved places, first with family members, then with lovers and afterwards with children.

Funny thing is, I don’t think life has changed that much. So, I bet if you think back to your special memories, it’ll be much the same.

So, be brave all you daily heros back in your new normal. Just like me, hang onto your own little lion; be wacky and embrace.

Come back to Holiday in the UK after Lockdown with Cullercoats Bay Holidays.

We move forward making memories together:

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