Moving to the Coast

Cullercoats-bayMoving to the Coast is a dream come true for many, especially those who are relocating from other parts of the country where life may be a bit more hectic.

Moreover it may take you over an hour at the beginning and end of your day, just to get home.

So, if you’re in the process of buying/selling a property and you want to find somewhere to stay temporarily until the sale goes through – look no further than cullercoatsbayholidays

You may be using one of the local estate agents:

Freedom from being tied in…

So the best thing about renting one of our apartments for you interim move is that there’s no tie in for  a minimum of 6 months.

…providing the opportunity to move into a comfortable two bed apartment until you complete on your sale.

In between Rentals…

So the other option if you’re waiting for a long-term rental is to fill in the waiting-gap by staying with us.

There’ll be no contract tie in and you can rent for as little as a week or roll on, until your permanent rental is available.

Sun, Sea n’ Surf…

The really great thing about Moving to the coast with us at Cullercoats Bay Holidays

You’ll have:

  • The beach on your doorstep when you come home
  • Great transport links via Cullercoats Metro
  • Bus links almost direct to your door

So getting to work won’t be a hassle.

Also, as soon as you’re home you can swap your work suite for a wet suite and head down to the beach (less than a couple of minutes away) to catch some waves at Tynemouth Longsands

Perhaps have a wander down to Cullercoats Bay

…to watch the sunset. Then maybe a meal at one of the lovely local restaurants and so to bed…back at your cosy Apartment by the sea…



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