Sea View Cullercoats


Sea View Cullercoats

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Every time I go down to this beautiful place, I feel enriched. It’s different every time and yet the same.

Just like the tides, replenished and new yet reassuringly the same.

It’s where I live and it’s somewhere I’d like to share with you.

These sea views are ours to keep in our hearts; once seen, never forgotten.

Sea View Cullercoats – Tynemouth


This part of the country is an undiscovered beauty. Tynemouth has huge landscapes and magnificent views out to sea.

Tynemouth Priory and Castle are amazing heritage sites to visit, steeped in history.

Sea View Cullercoats – Whitley Bay


Heading in the other direction you will find Whitley Bay. The beach and St. Mary’s lighthouse are without a doubt worth a visit.

If you love ice-cream and cake you will want to visit Spanish City?

Sea View Cullercoats, Spanish City

Spanish City is a beautiful white sparkling palace which gives the appearnce of almost floating on the sea.

In Spanish City you will find

  • fine dining experiences
  • craft ale
  • wine bars
  • afternoon tea
  • steak and seafood

and do you know what! You can even get married there.

Watersports – Tynemouth

Did you know that many people travel to Tynemouth specifically to learn to

  • surf
  • paddle board
  • kayak

The North East Coast boasts waves that Californian’s would envy! In fact, Cullercoats is nick named


Cullerfornia is all about FUN!

You can learn to

or simply swim in the sea.

Cold Water Swimming North East

Tynemouth is the perfect place to visit if you love cold water swimming. At sunrise in Cullercoats Bay you can enjoy the pleasure of being at one with Nature as you take your early morning dip in the Sea.

If you like a New Year’s Day dip, you don’t even need to bring your costume!

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